“Deelux Cables & wires Pvt. Ltd.” feels proud to introduce itself as one of the leading manufacturers of world class quality electric wires & cable in India . We are involved in wires & cable manufacturing under the name of “DEELUX PREMIUM” meeting stringent manufacturing and quality standards to satisfy demanding users in power generation & distribution both in government and private sector.
“DEELUX PREMIUM” Cables are tested and approved by bureau of India Standards and we have been granted the below mentioned licenses of Indian Standards to mark our cables as ‘ISI’-the renowned and most acceptable quality in India:-

1 L.T. PVC Insulated Wires, Flexible &Flat Cables IS:694 1988
2 L.T. PVC  Insulated Control & Power Cables IS: 1554(P-I) 1988
3 L.T. XPLE Insulated Control & Power cables IS: 7098(P-I) 1988

We started with a vision to revolutionize the industry by offering high quality products at competitive prices. The combination of cutting edge technology and pro-active client services has helped us to meet the exacting requirements of our clients and the industry standards.

We have an excellent in-house manufacturing facility with the latest state of the art machineries  that confirms to national (BIS)& International standars.”Deelux cables& wires Pvt. Ltd. “is an established project management organization with qualified engineers covering all the areas towards satisfactory execution of orders by the way of timely supply of best quality all times, highest quality not only materials but in service too remains our principle.

Company`s management- persons believes implements  “DEELUX PREMIUM” Cables can create confidence in its product and build long term relationship with customers ,suppliers , contractors, dealers &sub dealers in many part of the business world.

Advantage of XLPE cables-

Due to the excellent electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of XLPE these cables widely used by the customers replacing the conventional cable using PVC as insulating material. The various advantages of XPLE cables are given below:

  1. Higher current ratings: it is possible to use one lower size of cable as compared to PVC.
  2. Higher emergency overload withstand capacity. It can withstand overload temperature up to 130 degree c because of better ageing properties and resistance to deformation under load.
  3. Higher short circuit rating: XLPE can withstand short circuit temperature up to 250° C whereas PVC cables can only with stand up to 160° C.
  4. Enhanced Life because dielectric losses are very small.
  5. Jointing & termination are very easy.
  6. XPLE cables are not prone to fatigue damage due to vibrations or loading cycles.
  7. Easy handling during installation because these cables are lighter in weight.
  8. XPLE cables retain their flexibility down up to 40° C.
  9. No elevation Limitation.
  10. Better Resistance to most chemical such as ordinary acids, bases & oils.
  11. PVC cables have distinct disadvantages regarding environmental protection, if they burn they gives off corrosive gases. Although XPLE also burns but the combustion products, carbon dioxide and water, or not cause a damage. Moreover, it does not melt like polyethylene.

Manufacturing process of XPLE Armoured cables-


The conductor of power cables is generally made from EC grade aluminium and annealed high conductivity copper is used for control cables. All conductor conform to IS:8130 power cables with copper conductor can also be supplied as per customer’s requirements.


The conductor is insulated with the XPLE compound by extrusion, as per IS:7098 (part 1)

Inner Sheath-

The laid up cores are provided with the PVC inner sheath either by wrapping of plastic or proofed tapes. Single core cables do not have inner sheath.


Armouring is applied our inner sheath in case of multicore cables and over insulation in case of single core cables. In case the calculated diameter does not exceed 13 mm, the armour consists of gelvanized round steels wires. Where the calculated diameters under the armour is greater then 13 mn the armour  gererally consists of flat steel. If required the cable can be manufactured with round steel wire calculated diameter of cable exceeds 13 mm.

Outer sheath-

Outer sheath is applied by the required PVC compound in insulation in case of unarmoured single core cables, over inner sheath in case of unarmoured multicore cables &over armouring in case of armoured cables.

The name Deelux cables &wires Pvt. Ltd. Is embossed on the the outher sheath of the cable regular intervals. The word ELECTRIC is also embossed to distinguish these cables from telephone cables and word mining is also added in case of of  mining cables. The FRLS/FRLS-LH cables bear an additional legend FRLS or FLS-LH as the case may be. Any other information required by the customer is also embossed.


Deelux cable& wires Pvt. Ltd. has also successfully developed manufactured, tested &supplied hundreds of kilometres of new generation FR/FRLS/FS (fire retardant/ fire retardant low smoke/ fire survival) cables. These cables with specials PVC formulation for sheathing materials, prevents the propagation of flame along the length of the cables when exposed to fire. In additional FRLS (fire retardant low smoke) cables emit low smoke and halogen emission is also reduced under fire conditions. The properties help immensely in fire fighting operations and preventions of further loss to costly equipment’s. FRLS-LH cables emit very l0w smoke and halogen as compared to FRLS cables.

Cables with Anti Rodent/termite repulsion properties-

Deelux cables & wires Pvt. Ltd. Ca also supply the cable having outher sheath with anti rodent/ anti termite repulsion properties.

Final testing-

All the cables length manufactured at Deelux cables Cables &Wires Pvt. Ltd. Works undergo rigorous testing detailed below.

Routine tests-

Tests carried out on each cable to check the requirements which are Likley to very during production.

  1. Conductor resistance
  2. High voltage
  3. Armour resistance (for mining cables)